Lots of Lincoln Activities at the 2023 Illinois State Fair

June 24, 2023

Looking for Lincoln is proud to bring our 16th president to the Illinois State Fair again in 2023, along with other Lincoln-era activities on the lawn of the Illinois Building near the main gate.

During the fair from August 10 -20, 2023, Lincoln will be available to greet guests, pose for photos, and share the engaging stories of the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. On select days, there will also be black-smithing with Allen Ortery, and activities and games for kids and families.

At special times during the fair, Lincoln will be transported to various locations on his special ‘Lincoln-mobile.’ This conveyance will be easy to spot, as it’s topped by a tall Lincoln hat, and will make stops at events and locations around the grounds.

The Lincoln activities will relocate to the lawn of expansive lawn of the Illinois Building near the Illinois State Fair Main Gate. This area provides plenty of shady space for activities, blacksmith demonstrations, and greeting Mr. Lincoln.

Looking for Lincoln will also have smaller tents near Gate 2, and near the pedestrian underpass at the northern terminus of the sky ride. There will be information available about the Heritage Area, plus the opportunity to get your photo with ‘Flat Lincoln.’  

Flat Lincoln is a 6.5 ft cartoon replica of the president, who is featured in many social media campaigns: #FlatLincoln. Take a pic with Flat Lincoln, hashtag the photo, and post it online to have the opportunity to be featured in the Looking for Lincoln social media channels.

“The State Fair gives us a great opportunity to share the vibrant stories of the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area with the people of Illinois,” says Sarah Watson, Executive Director of Looking for Lincoln and the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. “Coming back from an unusual year, we decided to provide the opportunity for Fair guests to engage with Lincoln, and learn more about the wonderful history in our state, while making it safe for all the participants.”

Enjoy Illinois, and look for Lincoln at the Illinois State Fair this summer!

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