Flat Lincoln for Kids

There's a lot of history to discover, right in your own backyard!

Flat Lincoln loves to visit historic sites, have his picture taken, and see them appear on the Looking for Lincoln Facebook page. You can discover other history explorers' Flat Lincoln pics by searching #FlatLincoln on Facebook.

Print Flat Lincoln, cut him out, and take him on your next walk around your neighborhood or town. Photograph him visiting any historic or Looking for Lincoln site, and post it on Facebook. Hashtag your photo with #FlatLincoln, and we'll post our favorites on the Looking for Lincoln Facebook page!

During this time of health concerns, we've created a special Flat Lincoln wearing his medical mask to help keep everyone healthy. It's important to explore your nearby historic sites responsibly. Flat Lincoln is demonstrating good habits by wearing his mask, keeping at least 6 feet from others, and washing his hands frequently. Explore your neighborhood or town's outdoor historic sites with special care, and take Flat Lincoln along for your walk or ride.

We have also made a special color-your-own Flat Lincoln with a medical mask, and a coloring sheet for All In Illinois.

You can download the traditional Flat Lincoln, or the Flat Lincoln with a medical mask. Together, we'll get through this time if we all watch out for each other.

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