About Us

Looking for Lincoln is the coordinating entity for the 43-county Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. We work in partnership with Lincoln Home National Historic Site to tell the story of Lincoln's almost 30 years in Illinois in communities where Lincoln worked, traveled, and lived. Looking for Lincoln partners with communities, organizations and individuals dedicated to enhancing the communities and landscapes of central Illinois through recognition and support of their significant natural, cultural and historical legacies.

Few individuals have so profoundly influenced American history as did Abraham Lincoln. Millions around the world are inspired by the story of Lincoln's rise from humble beginnings to President of the United States, his qualities of integrity and courage and his decisive leadership traits that carried a fragile nation through one of its most trying periods.

Our Work in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area

Plans for the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area

The Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area (ALNHA) is a 43-county area of Central Illinois designated by Congress in 2008. The ALNHA works in partnership with the National Park Service and tells the stories of Lincoln's life and times in Illinois. It is the only National Heritage Area named for an American President.

The Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area is focused on the 30 years Lincoln lived in central Illinois, raising his family and pursuing his passion for the law and politics. During this time, we now know he was unwittingly preparing himself to become the President who would hold the Nation together during a time of unprecedented challenges, that of a Civil War, requiring enormous courage to save the Union and bind its wounds, while trying to cleanse the scourge of slavery from our national culture. He was ultimately successful in his objective but gave his last, full measure of devotion at Ford's Theater in 1865. We now believe that his journey is our enduring legacy.

Vision Statement

To be the voice for the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.

Mission Statement

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition is a not for profit organization dedicated to working collaboratively with local, state, and national partners across the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area to tell the quality stories of Abraham Lincoln's life and times to provide high quality experiences for visitors, economic opportunities for communities and to improve the quality of life for residents.