Lincoln Family Pew

After you visited the Lincoln Home Neighborhood, cross Capital Avenue and stop by the First Presbyterian Church, which houses the original Lincoln family pew. The Lincolns purchased it for $50 when the congregation worshipped in its previous location, which is no longer standing.

The Lincoln family began attending services in 1850 after the death of three-year-old Edward Lincoln. The pastor, Dr. James Smith, had conducted Eddie's funeral in the Lincoln home. Abraham Lincoln did not formally join the church, but his wife became a member on April 13, 1852. Their two-year-old son Thomas (Tad) was baptized in the church on April 4, 1855, and his funeral would later be held there on July 17, 1871.

You may view the pew, and seven beautiful Tiffany windows, when you walk inside.  Take advantage of the guided tours, which include information about the Louis Comfort Tiffany Windows and the Lincoln Family's relationship to First Church.

Visitor Information

Address: 321 S. 7th St Springfield, Illinois 62701