Located in the heart of Lincoln country, Springfield is the city he called home for nearly a quarter century. In his own words, "To this place and the kindness of these people, I owe everything" – Lincoln showed the profound effect that Springfield and central Illinois had on his life. Today, as Illinois’ capital city, Springfield is home to numerous historic sites, attractions and events – including: the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, the Lincoln Tomb, the Old State Capitol, and popular Signature Event – History Comes Alive. In this city Lincoln loved, you’ll get to know the husband, the father, the neighbor, the lawyer, and the politician.

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Springfield Visitors Center
1 S. Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701



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Springfield Visitors Center
1 S Old State Capitol Plaza Springfield, Illinois 62701

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Stop by to find all the information you need to help create your legendary experience in Springfield. One of our travel experts is available to help you with any of your questions. Parking passes are available for metered parking spaces – just ask! While you are there, be sure to see the installation of the Lincoln-Herndon Law Office as well as the U.S. Post Office, which was located in the building from 1841-1849. Located on the first floor of the Lincoln-Herndon Law Office across from the Old State Capitol.

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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
212 N. 6th St. Springfield, Illinois 62701

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This state-of-the-art facility was carefully designed with exacting historical detail. Amazingly well-preserved artifacts tell the entire life story of our nation's 16th President. Dedicated to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the Presidential Museum, unlike any other in the U.S., features high-tech exhibits, interactive displays, and multimedia programs, as well as a reproduction of the White House as it looked in 1861.

The holographic and special effects theaters will entertain, educate and mesmerize you with ghostly images, live actors and high action. Witness the 1860 Presidential Election as though it were happening today, complete with television news coverage and campaign commercials. Items from the institution's world-class Lincoln Collection, numbering in the tens of thousands, are exhibited on a rotating basis in the Museum's Treasures Gallery, including an original hand-written copy of the Gettysburg Address, the evening gloves in President Lincoln's pocket the night he was assassinated, and the quill pen used to sign the Emancipation Proclamation.

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Lincoln Home National Historic Site
413 S. 8th St Springfield, Illinois 62701

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In 1861, Abraham Lincoln left the only home he ever owned to serve as the 16th President of the United States.  The Lincoln Home is completely restored to its 1860 appearance and reveals much about Lincoln as a husband, father, neighbor and politician.  Tours of this national treasure are conducted by National Park Service Rangers.

Free tickets are required for house tours and may be obtained at the Lincoln Home Visitors Center – which also houses a scaled model of 1860 Springfield.

A variety of historic exhibits are located throughout the four-block neighborhood surrounding the Lincoln Home and can be viewed on a self-guided basis.

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Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site
1500 Monument Ave. Springfield, Illinois 62701

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Within the walls of this stunning granite monument is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, his wife, Mary and three of their four sons. (Lincoln’s oldest son, Robert, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.)

Designed by famed sculptor, Larkin Mead, and completed in 1874, this beautiful landmark is nestled in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

At the entrance to the Tomb itself, there is a bronze bust of Mr. Lincoln where visitors from around the world have stopped to rub the nose of the statue for good luck. 

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Old State Capitol State Historic Site
1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza Springfield, Illinois 62701

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“A house divided against itself cannot stand...” These immortal words were spoken by Abraham Lincoln in the historic Old State Capitol Hall of Representatives in the turbulent days preceding the Civil War. He tried several hundred cases in the Supreme Court, borrowed books from the state library, and read and swapped stories with other lawyers and politicians in the law library. On May 3 & 4, 1865, Mr. Lincoln’s body lay in state in Representatives Hall as a crowd estimated at 75,000 filed past to pay their last respects. 

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