While riding the 8th Judicial Circuit as a young prairie lawyer, Abraham Lincoln frequently visited the community of Pontiac. Lincoln represented a number of local citizens in legal actions, and made connections here that helped him to rise to prominence in state and national politics. One of the most interesting connections revolves around Lincoln's friendship with local attorney, Jason W. Strevell. Today, the Lincoln Story Trail tells the many stories of Lincoln’s connections to this lovely community. Each year, travelers from around the world make Pontiac a stop on their cross-country U.S. Route 66 adventure and visit many of the Route 66 attractions in the community.

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The Pontiac Museum Complex and Visitors Center
110 W. Howard Street
Pontiac, IL 61764



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Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum
110 W Howard Street Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Good for Kids Museum Route 66 Visitor Information

The Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum is the repository for thousands of pieces of historic memorabilia from the glory days of the Mother Road.

Come learn the history of Route 66 in Illinois, see images of the road's wonderful history, and hear a few great stories about life in America when Route 66 was the most important highway in the nation. 

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Strevell House
401 W. Livingston St. Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Friends of Lincoln Historic House Route 66

Among the many connections Pontiac has to Abraham Lincoln, one of the most interesting revolves around Lincoln's friendship with local attorney, Jason W. Strevell.  

Strevell was born in New York and migrated to Illinois in 1855. He was admitted to the Illinois bar that same year, and began his practice in Pontiac. He was involved in his legal practice here for 24 years.  

Strevell served as a Republican in the Illinois House of Representatives, and also had one term as a Senator. He was a member of the electoral college that elected Hayes to the presidency, and was actively concerned in the first presidential election of William McKinley. 

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Abe Lincoln Stranded Here
299 N Oak Street Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Route 66 Wayside Exhibit

200 Block of North Oak Street - by County Market Grocery

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Citizenry Mourn Lincoln
200-248 N Vermillion Street Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Route 66 Wayside Exhibit

Located at Fell Park - 200 Block North Vermillion Street - Across from the former Chicago & Alton Depot

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County Seat Almost Moved
130 W Washington St, Pontiac, IL 61764 Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Good for Kids Route 66 Wayside Exhibit

South Side of Courthouse Square, near statue of Lincoln. Be sure to pose with Abe, and get your photo taken!

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